KINGSTHORPE EDGED Abington out of the County Top Club tournament at the inaugural stage, but at least our women took it down to shot difference.

Ultimately, Abington went out having amassed 14 shots less across the four disciplines. Lis Milburn in the singles and the pair of Judy Jones and Diana Brown both beaten fairly comfortably after losing roughly two-thirds of the ends in their respective games.

Both of those disciplines were something of a stroll for the visitors, with final margins in double figures, but until late on there was always a chance that the triples and fours could cancel those hammerings out. The latter, skipped by Gill Crossley, were already at 10 by the time they conceded for the first time, on the sixth end.

Unfortunately, the score they dropped at this juncture halved that lead in one go. Although they controlled the outcome of the game, never again were they so firmly in command, and their advantage never progressed back beyond a handful.

Meanwhile the triples, skipped by Barbara Astle, had particular cause for regret. Despite holding onto for the rink win, letting a 13-2 lead compress right down to 15-14 proved fatal for the aggregate scoreline. Yet another example of the winning team being those who were going faster over the finishing line.


Singles: Lis Milburn 10-21 P Bodily
Pairs: Judy Jones, Diana Brown 14-24 G Emery
Triples: Debbie Bradshaw, Jill Welch, Barbara Astle 15-14 M Edwards
Fours: Doreen McLaughlin, Chris Cross, Margery Keal, Gill Crossley 22-16 D Brumwell

Agg: 2-2 (61-75)