Thursday, 1 January 2009

Men's county/national competitions

2017 season

Only Abington players' matches are listed here. Complete draws can be found on the official websites for Bowls Northamptonshire and Bowls England
Abington names in CAPITALS, along with whether they have been drawn home or away. Opponents' clubs are also given, but venues may be subject to change.

National Top Club

Prelim - by Sun 28th May

ABINGTON A vs Heyford (H) - 5-0
ABINGTON B vs Express (A) - 1-4

1st round - by Sun 11th June

ABINGTON A vs Roade (A) - 4-1

2nd round - by Sun 25th June

ABINGTON A vs Rugby [Warks] (H) - 3-2

3rd round - by Sun 9th July

ABINGTON A vs Grange [Warks] (A) - 4-1

4th round - by Sun 23rd July

ABINGTON A vs Avenue (Coventry) [Warks] (A) - 1-4

National Club 2-Rinks

Prelim - by Sun 7th May

ABINGTON A vs Kingsthorpe A (A) - 31-44
ABINGTON B vs St. Crispin's (A) - 54-33

1st round - by Sun 21st May

ABINGTON B vs Whyte Melville (H) - 35-40
ABINGTON C vs Bugbrooke (H) - 32-48

Manfield Cup

Sat 1st July


County Singles

1st round - by Tue 30th May

A BROWN vs D FAGE - 21-19
R ARCHER vs P Manley, Cogenhoe (H) - 21-18
C BARNES vs P Green, Express (H) - 20-21
P BOSELEY vs M Spear, Kingsthorpe (A) - 4-21
A COLEMAN vs D Childs, West End (A) - 13-21
A HAWKINGS vs D Jones, Bugbrooke (A) - 1-21
J HIGGINBOTTOM vs N Betts, West End (A) - 6-21
A JOHNSON vs N Hulatt, Wootton Grange (H) - 21-11
P MILBURN vs C Bland, Express (H) - 18-21
P REEVE vs M Freeman, Heyford (H) - 21-3
D VERNON vs N Harrell, Byfield (H) - w/o

2nd round - by Tue 13th June

R ARCHER vs C Terry, Express (H) - 16-21

A BROWN vs D Jones, Bugbrooke (A) - 16-21
J FREEMAN vs R Lemon, Express (A) - 16-21
A JOHNSON vs W Walker, West End (A) - 14-21
A O'LEARY vs K Mawson, Kislingbury (H) - 21-3
P REEVE vs M Moulton, Heyford (H) - 16-21
M TAYLOR vs V Gearey, Kingsthorpe (H) - 9-21

3rd round - by Tue 27th June

A O'LEARY vs C Terry, Express (H) - 21-5

4th round - by Tue 11th July

A O'LEARY vs D Childs, West End (H) - 17-21

County Pairs

1st round - Wed 28th June

M TAYLOR vs T BROWN - 15-22
C BARNES vs N Harrell, Byfield (H) - w/o
J BROWN vs M Freeman, Heyford (A) - 20-9
D FAGE vs W Stanley, Express (A) - 10-24
R JONES vs N Hulatt, Wootton Grange (A) - 16-26
P MILBURN vs P Daynes, Daventry Town (H) - 24-15
P REEVE vs Dav Walker, West End (A) - 15-25
D VERNON vs M Cox, West End (A) - w/o

2nd round - Fri 30th June

C BARNES vs R Somerton, Brackley (A) - 12-20
J BROWN vs M Walker, West End (A) - 16-20
T BROWN vs D Welch, Daventry Town (A) - 15-19
J FREEMAN VS M Cox, West End (H) - 22-23
P MILBURN VS N Hulatt, Wootton Grange (H) - 18-10

3rd round - Wed 5th July

P MILBURN vs J McKee, Kingsthorpe (A) - 7-22

County Triples

1st round - Wed 7th June

R JONES vs R ARCHER - 9-17
C BARNES vs G Hayter, Bugbrooke (A) - 21-20
J FREEMAN vs D Welch, Daventry Town (A) - 18-20

2nd round - Fri 9th June

J BROWN vs T Wellburn, Express (H) - 15-9
P MILBURN vs B Hayes, Byfield (H) - 23-15
M TAYLOR vs A Ashby, West End (H) - 11-21
D VERNON vs N Hanwell, Kingsthorpe (A) - 17-25

3rd round - Wed 14th June

J BROWN vs A Ashby, West End (A) - 11-20

4th round - Fri 16th June

R ARCHER vs I Wilson, Kingsthorpe (A) - 23-17

Quarter-final - Tue 20th June

R ARCHER vs N Corbyn, Wellingborough (N) - 12-15

County Fours

1st round - Fri 12th May

R JONES vs M TAYLOR - 19-17
J BROWN vs M Spruels, Bugbrooke (A) - 24-23
J FREEMAN vs I Walker, West End (H) - 17-15
P MILBURN vs P O'Dell, St. Crispin's (A) - 12-18

2nd round - Wed 17th May

J BROWN vs D Welch, Daventry Town (H) - 19-18
J FREEMAN vs P O'Dell, St. Crispin's (A) - 15-16
R JONES vs A Ashby, West End (A) - w/o
D VERNON vs C Bland, Express (A) - 10-29

3rd round - Fri 19th May

J BROWN vs P O'Dell, St. Crispin's (H) - 21-15

Quarter-final - Wed 24th May

J BROWN vs W Hill, Kettering Lodge (N) - 23-16

Semi-final - Fri 26th May

J BROWN vs N Corbyn, Wellingborough (N) - 7-26

County 2-wood Singles

Early rounds played at Abington on Sun 16th July


D FAGE vs D VERNON - 16-5
A BROWN vs T Dawkins, Kingsthorpe - 17-9
A DUNKLEY vs M Courtney, Whyte Melville - w/o
M TAYLOR vs M Dickens, St. Crispin's - w/o

1st round

M TAYLOR vs D FAGE - 10-15
R ARCHER vs C Bland, Express - 15-14 (EE)
C BARNES vs Dav Walker, West End - 7-16
A BROWN vs P Green, Express - 17-9
J FREEMAN vs B Sharpe, Kingsthorpe - 4-16
A HAWKINGS vs J Botterill, Express - 16-4
J HIGGINBOTTOM vs D Trasler, West End - 6-16
P MILBURN vs I Walker, West End - 10-15
P REEVE vs G Marsh, Wootton Grange - w/o

2nd round

P REEVE vs R ARCHER - 16-7
A BROWN vs T Wellburn, Express - 14-13 (EE)
D FAGE vs D Walker, West End - 18-7
A HAWKINGS vs B Sharpe, Kingsthorpe

3rd round

P REEVE vs A BROWN - 10-17
D FAGE vs D Trasler, West End - 11-16

Quarter-final - Fri 21st July

A BROWN vs D Trasler, West End (N) - 14-13

Semi-final - Fri 21st July

A BROWN vs C Wigfield, Desborough (N) - 15-14 (EE)

**Qualified for national finals championship - see below**

Final - Thu 3rd August

A BROWN vs C Cinato, Kettering Midland Band (N) - 12-13

National 2-wood Singles

1st round - Tue 29th August

A BROWN vs M White, Weybridge [Surrey] - 15-16

County Champion of Champions - Mason Cup

1st round - by Wed 26th July

A BROWN vs M Courtney, Whyte Melville (H) - 12-21
P REEVE vs G Curry, St. Crispin's (H)

National Champion of Champions

Prelim - by Sun 21st May

A BROWN vs J Walker, West End (A) - 19-21
P REEVE vs G Curry, St. Crispin's (A) - 16-21

National Senior Singles

Prelim - by Wed 14th June

C BARNES vs M Walker, West End (H) - 21-6
A DUNKLEY vs M Turner, Kettering Midland Band (A) - 11-21
J FREEMAN vs K Mawson, Kislingbury (A) - 21-17
P REEVE vs M Sharpe, Kingsthorpe (A) - 21-18

1st round - by Wed 28th June

C BARNES vs P REEVE - 18-21
J FREEMAN vs D Jones, Bugbrooke (A) - 21-11

2nd round - by Wed 12th July

P REEVE vs J FREEMAN - 13-21

3rd round - by Wed 26th July

J FREEMAN vs S Norman, Higham Ferrers (H) - 21-12

**Qualified for national finals championship**

4th round - Sat 26th August

J FREEMAN vs N O'Shea, Paddington [Middlesex] (N) - 21-20

5th round - Sat 26th August

J FREEMAN vs R Coleman, Manor Park [Worcs] (N) - 13-21

National Senior Pairs

Prelim - by Wed 7th June

A COLEMAN vs A O'LEARY - 21-29
J BROWN vs M Moulton, Heyford (H) - 23-11

1st round - by Wed 21st June

C BARNES vs D Jones, Bugbrooke (A) - 25-15
J BROWN vs M Sharpe, Kingsthorpe (A) - 14-17
J FREEMAN vs M Dickens, St. Crispin's (H) - 24-7
A O'LEARY vs K Mawson, Kislingbury (A) - 22-5

2nd round - by Wed 5th July

A O'LEARY vs M Sharpe, Kingsthorpe (A) - 6-24

3rd round - by Wed 19th July

J FREEMAN vs M Sharpe, Kingsthorpe (H) - 14-21

County Senior Fours

1st round - Tue 27th June
T BROWN vs R Blencowe, Brackley (A) - 15-21
A DUNKLEY vs G Hayter, Bugbrooke (A) - 20-17
P MILBURN vs M Donohoe, Kingsthorpe (H) - 8-23

2nd round - Tue 4th July
A DUNKLEY vs P Manley, Cogenhoe (A) - 20-25
J FREEMAN vs J McKee, Kingsthorpe (H) - 18-25