Sunday, 1 March 2009

Women's club fixtures/results

2018 season

Blue text for a win, red for a loss, green for a draw, black for void or upcoming fixture. Played on a Tuesday unless stated otherwise.


1st - Kislingbury (A)
8th - Kingsthorpe (H)
9th (Wed) - St. Crispin's (A)
15th - Wellingborough (H)
22nd - Abbey Park (A)
29th - Woodford-cum-Membris (A)


6th (Wed) - St. Crispin's (H)
12th - Kislingbury (A)
19th - Kingsthorpe (A)


3rd - Whyte Melville (A)
10th - Roade (H)
17th - Swanspool (A)

31st - Abbey Park (H)


14th - Kettering Lodge (H)
21st - Gala Day
28th - President's & Captain's Day


4th - Roade (A)

Merit table

Ranked according to the following point system; 1 for every game played, 2 for a win and 1 for a draw. Percentage winner determined from those who have played more than half of the season (highlighted in bold). Table only concerns fixtures against other club. It does not include inter-club days.

First table will be posted after opening fixture