Men's honours - Manfield Cup

ABINGTON have so far won Bowls Northamptonshire's Manfield Cup on five occasions. The Manfield is notable as the oldest inter-club competition in our county, and for taking place on a Saturday, usually a day reserved for 'friendly' matches.

Each club fields four different rinks at varying locations. The champion club is the one which records the most winning rinks - with the highest aggregate score used as a tiebreaker.


Back row (l-r): J Cooper, RG Neale, T Coles, EA Tebbutt
Middle row: FT Knight, A Throssell, FJ Wiggs, JW Ruffhead, ET Abell, G Pirie
Front row: D Poulter, WC Smith, AJ Swann, FB Trasler (President), HH Dunning, HT Pinner, F Green

ET Abell, T Coles, J Cooper, HH Dunning
F Green, FT Knight, RG Neale, HT Pinner
G Pirie, D Poulter, JW Ruffhead, W Smith
AJ Swann, EA Tebbutt, A Throssell, FJ Wiggs

EW Ayris, G Bannister, GWJ Cooper, B Craxton
HE Cheel, R Gargate, MC Havelock, P Harrison
A James, AF Knight, RG Neale, FW Purser
JR Routhorn, WJ Stone, AH Tull, H Whyte

AH Tull, DWJ Cooper, EA Paske, PW Facer
RM Arnold, RST King, HW Dawson, RW Smith
HE Smith, TA Battison, WR Knight, RA Billingham
WJ Jennings, A Ager, E Higginson, B Craxtom

WJ Jennings, SJ Stone, B Roseblade, R Gargate
T Lichfield, AG Simons, CN Stringer, WM Smyth
LO Howells,W Hechtfisch, W Cooper, SG Watts
CE Farmer, VP Wilkins, SA Simons, TA Davies

A Coleman, DN Vernon, R Brown, B Wheeldon
P Kneeshaw, S Smith, T Brown, J Freeman
DR Fage, SA Simons, AG Simons, JL Brown
J Parsonson, B Sturgess, D Weston, D Crowson

Abington's last successful Manfield Cup squad to date , 1991

Back row (l-r): T Brown, B Sturgess, A Coleman, D Weston, J Freeman, B Wheeldon, S Smith, R Brown, P Kneeshaw
Front row: SA Simons, JL Brown, J Parsonson, K Kew (President), DN Vernon (captain), DR Fage, D Crowson
Absent: AG Simons